Who are we

Evolve Training and Consulting is based in Canberra, ACT.

We provide Nationally Recognised Training and Consultancy services to all industries to enable compliance with Work Health and Safety legislation.

Our Training and Consultancy services have been delivered Australia wide.

We have been in the safety industry for over 20 years.


 Why would you train with Andrew Goodlace?

  • Andrew Goodlace is our Subject Matter Expert in Work Health Safety
  • Andrew has delivered in excess of 2,500 training courses since 1994, throughout  the ACT, NSW, VIC, TAS, WA, QLD and NT, basically anywhere in Australia that we are requested to conduct training and provide consultancy
  • He has over 20 years experience in Work Health and Safety (Occupational Health and Safety) and holds WHS qualifications and numerous Statements of Attainment across risk management, safety, rescue and associated fields, relevant to our service offering
  • Our Workshops and Nationally Recognised course delivery, is conducted by Andrew because his delivery method revolves around taking real world situations to allow students to apply their own experiences to the subject


People are thinking about Andrew’s statement:


“If you wouldn’t let your own kids work with this Work Health Safety system then why are you asking someone else’s kids to?”


Why are we passionate about workplace safety?

  • We know that personnel conducting their usual work routines encounter circumstances in the work place, that sadly, mean that they never make it home to their family and loved ones
  • We firmly believe that these circumstances do not need to happen, they can be identified and they can be controlled
  • We believe that education dramatically increases the capability of an organisation to implement a robust risk management system – remember, you don’t know what you don’t know
  • We’ve experienced the trauma that a death of a loved one generates in these circumstances
  • We believe that an organisation does not knowingly or purposely put their workers into harms way, let’s face it, hurting your workforce is bad business
  • We enjoy working with people, employers and employees, to implement a strong and above all workable risk management system, especially when you see the effective outcomes

Organisations can sometimes find themselves asking the following question:

Why did this accident happen?

Evolve Training and Consulting can help you find an answer

Accidents just don’t happen, there is always a reason, it could be:

  • A lack of knowledge
  • A lack of a practicable safety management system – and believe me when I say there is a difference between a practicable SMS and the 5 volume SMS displayed at audit time
  • A reluctance to speak up and voice concerns
  • A lack of leadership to address WHS issues
  • A failure of the employer to provide suitable WHS controls
  • A failure of the employee to follow the prescribed WHS system
  • A combination of everything above and more

Part of the solution is knowledge, gain the knowledge to better understand how you can approach the above points.

statistic 1

Did you know that:

More people die at work or from work related injuries or illnesses than car accidents every year in Australia

statistic 4

statistic 7

statistic 2

statistic 5

statistic 8

statistic 3

Did you know that persons who die in a confined space die from:

95% from the atmosphere inside

64% could have done the work from the outside

60% were trying to rescue someone else


statistic 6

statistic 9

Would you like to attend one of our workshops?

WHS Workshops

Evolve Training and Consulting has developed a range of workshops designed to provide information on specific WHS subjects.

The workshops cover the subjects listed below and are scheduled on a regular basis.

The WHS legislation

Risk management systems

The concept of the ‘safety culture’

Development of safe work method statements

Effective toolbox talks


How about a Qualification in WHS?

WHS Qualifications

  • Evolve Training and Consulting P/L delivers a range of WHS qualifications from Certificate IV through to Advanced Diploma.
  • We deliver each qualification in a way that we think is quite different from the normal style of presentation.
  • Firstly – There is minimal PowerPoint in the presentations, we prefer to get the group talking, get you to consider WHS in ways that really get you thinking and explore your experiences.
  • Secondly – We have developed a scenario/role playing presentation conducted over the 5 day face to face component of the courses that is designed to complement each level of qualification.

 The scenario looks at a real example of a workplace fatality requiring you to look at all WHS compliance area; and to pose the question of ‘What if we could do this again and if so would we get the same result?’

Would you like a WHS 5 day course tailored to your staff and their work environment?

Our flexible delivery options include:

  • Training for individuals – you can attend any of our regularly scheduled courses in Canberra ACT.
  • Training for groups of employees in your organisation (whether you are a licensee or a government agency), at a time and place that suits you; minimum 8 people or more
  • Evolve Training and Consulting P/L offers all Nationally Accredited Qualifications in partnership with Distance Learning Australia RTO Provider No. 88159. (Link)
  • All parchments, Statements of Attainment, Qualifications are issued by Distance Learning Australia.

UEG30114 Certificate III in Gas supply industry operations

Evolve Training and Consulting is pleased to announce that we can now offer the highly sought after Cert III in Gas supply industry operations!

This qualification is regarded as the minimum requirement for those persons seeking employment in the gas supply industry – predominantly the Coal Seam Gas (CSG) industry.

For those already in the industry we offer a detailed but painless Recognition of Prior Learning process that identifies and acknowledges the wide range of skills and competencies you already hold.

This is where we can help you

  • We can deliver training at our professional training rooms with comfortable surroundings and not to mention the state of the art technology

We will supply lunch, tea and coffee refreshments, we make it easy to sit back and enjoy the course.


• Great location • Outstanding Training room facilities and • Comfortable surroundings

• Refreshments tea/coffee and lunch provided

• An Exceptional Trainer with his knowledge and experience, and his unique delivery methods in conducting a training course

An enjoyable course and experience

Andrew, brilliant approach, enthusiastic approach with the ability to keep you interested. Probably the best trainer I have ever worked with.

Croydon. H

(Barminco Qld)

Great course. I learnt a lot – even things I didn’t expect to! 

Michael. B

Stowe Australia

Well presented and instructed.  I have received good ‘tools’ for future use in the workplace.

Joe. M

SEQ Water

Andrew was so helpful.  The delivery and instruction were clear and comprehensive.  Couple this with the easy-to-read layout of the workbook. It made the RPL process easier than I ever expected it to be.

Melissa. B

Airport Link Project QLD

Informative, Interesting and well presented! Many thanks

Peter. T

I am walking out feeling confident in this course and what is asked of me in the workforce. 

Lee. B

  • On completion of our courses, Andrew receives many questions about WHS issues and he is quite willing to assist the attendee with their enquiry or what qualification they need for their next job.
  • Andrew through his contacts has also helped people that have attended his course recommendations for employment in the Safety industry.

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